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Unlocked – The Mansion of Mana (Part 3) Diary

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It was at this point that I started to really focus on perfecting the game. The artwork was pretty well in hand with Scott working the cover: And Margarita working the Key Card artwork: I had whipped something up for the Rune Card Artwork (I do sometimes dabble in art): Overall the game was starting to look stunning but that Continue Reading...

Unlocked – The Mansion of Mana (Part 2) Diary

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It was about this time when I started looking for a cover artist. A cover artist is a difficult thing to find. The artstyle needs to ‘gel’ with the message you want to convey to the players. For Unlocked, I was hoping to convey that this game was going to be a magical romp through a mansion with all sorts Continue Reading...

Unlocked – The Mansion of Mana

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Wait… did the name of these diaries change? You bet they did. Like all ideas, they evolve. Unlocked began as a simple sequential set collection card game but an artist came along and changed everything. The inspiration I got from her artwork infused my game with purpose. But it brought about challenges as well. It was now time to fuse Continue Reading...

Unlocked – The Mechanical Mansion (Part 3)

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I forced… *coughs*… begged my coworkers to become my test bench for working through and developing some of my games. The most notable of which was Unlocked. I was truly at an impasse with my design. I loved the key building aspect and I found the sequential set collection mechanic to be truly novel and yet it didn’t really have Continue Reading...

Unlocked – The Mechanical Mansion (part 2)

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Previously I had discussed how the original idea came to be. In this part I will discuss the artwork, the playtesting, the development, and then what happened. The artwork was fairly tragic for the first iteration. It was a first draft and I was honestly more interested in the game play rather than the artwork anyway. I took a thick Continue Reading...
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