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Shogun Showdown arrives in the USA

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You heard right! Shogun Showdown is in the United States and is clearing customs as we speak. We are back on schedule! Prepare those wrists for card throwing because the end is nigh!...

Docks are Backed Up. Our Shipment is Delayed

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Sadly, my hopes were dashed of getting our shipment out early when I was informed that others had the same idea. When so many producers attempt to ship their cargo before an impending event, things get bogged down. Unfortunately that is what has happened here. Shogun Showdown remains in China awaiting it’s spot on a cargo ship bound for China. Continue Reading...

Production has concluded! Onto Shipping!

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A little bit of time has slipped by since my last update. Thank you for your patience as things settled down a bit. Production has sent me digital images of the production run. They looked great so I had no reason to demand they air ship me the hardcopy of the game. Although I thought it would be cool to Continue Reading...

Digital Proofs have been Verified!

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As in the title, the digital proofs have been verified and sent back to me for additional approval. After reviewing the production methods I believe everything is a go. I gave the approval and submitted the first half of the payment to the manufacturer. The production of Shogun Showdown is now eminent. Shogun Showdown has been added to the queue Continue Reading...

The Honeymoon is Over…

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The Honeymoon is over… well officially. I am back state side and looking into the progress on our little game. The good news is that I have a pretty decent agenda setup. I will share that with you now! So as you can see the finalization of art continues. We discovered a defect on my digital proofs. There was a Continue Reading...

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