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The Shogun Showdown Campaign has funded!

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I cannot thank you all enough for your diligent work for those that have helped us out either in funding or in the development of Shogun Showdown. It has been a long strange road we have traveled together but I am so grateful for this experience. Please stay tuned as we publish more information about upcoming delivery schedules and ultimately Continue Reading...

Shogun Showdown – Win it Before you Can Buy It!

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That’s right. Knight’s Crest Games is announcing a “Win it Before You Can Buy It” campaign to advertise for the ongoing Kickstarter Campaign. This will be done at no cost to you. We will cover shipping and the game itself. All you have to do is: 1. Like the Knight’s Crest Games Facebook Page. 2. Share the Facebook Post for Continue Reading...

Shogun Showdown Announced for Kickstarter

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We have decided to put Shogun Showdown up on Kickstarter for Knights Crest Games’ very first Kickstarter Campaign. We are very excited to announce this as this could mean big things for us. We have put several games out for review and have done several interviews. More information to follow. The basics of the campaign will include the basic game Continue Reading...

The War on Zeta Prime – Announced

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Another contest is taking place over at the Game Crafter. This time the game is for the chance to be included on a medium level publisher’s kickstarter. For this game, I used some of the components over at the Game Crafter for inspiration. I’ve always loved their collection of mech / robot miniatures. And so without further adieu, The War Continue Reading...

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