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Sometimes you need a little mystery- The Lost Colony

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When I first heard about the Mystery contest over at the Game Crafter, this idea immediately sprung to mind. I mean, what is better for a mystery contest, than an actual mystery? And so the idea was born. The game takes place 10 years after the colony of Roanoke was found abandoned. You take on the role of John White Continue Reading...

Announcing Fairy Tale Quest

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For the upcoming mystery game, I created fairy tale quest. The game uses the fairy tale theme to have players attempting to move and collect rings through micro-games. The fairy tale characters travel through the kingdom attempting to collect a certain combination so as to undo the spell that the evil warlock cast. But you are not alone. With you Continue Reading...

Jewel Maze Craze is now Jewel Kingdom

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As we do more playtesting a few things seem constant: change and fidgeting. That’s right, we are changing the name once more. No longer is Jewel Maze Craze, it is now Jewel Kingdom. We think the name lends itself to the backstory better and sounds less like a rip off of bejeweled. Also, we have hired out an artist to Continue Reading...

Ginger Snaps

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Another card game but this time with programmed movement, card collection, and a troublesome robot that keeps eating all of the cookies! Ginger snaps is a fun card game for the entire family. Quick paced and fun, it is sure to have you coming back for more… and the game is good too. Buy it today at the game crafter: Continue Reading...

The Easter Bunny is Back, and He Needs Your Help

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The Easter Bunny in Hop Me Find My Eggs is a simple game specifically designed to bring children of all ages into the understanding of a simple problem and how to go about solving it. It is a simple card game with large cards. Simply match the pattern on the table with the cards in your hand. Sounds simple, until Continue Reading...

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