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Splatter – An Amphibious Adventure

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Splatter is a game also submitted to the retro arcade contest on the game crafter. It is a trick taking game based on a lovable amphibious protagonist who in his 4-bit glory attempt to cross a cursed road filled with traffic. This is a beautifully simple game designed to simplify most trick takers and bring about a sense of impending Continue Reading...

King Arthur’s Gambit – release

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I was on the game crafter the other day and noticed they were having a miniature contest. I decided to dust off some ideas I had and create a minatures game. And here we are. Set in Arthurian Lore, we descend upon our hapless heroes of the round table-King Arthur and 3 of his knights. Their goal is to obtain Continue Reading...

Magnum Opus… a Massive Project

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Magnum Opus, School of Alchemy is a quest based game that requires skill leveling, questing, and loot enabled upgrades. There are several zones and several big baddies coming to destroy you all. However, this is just an announcement. There is still a lot of playtesting, balancing, and adjustments that need to be made....

Space Poker… the final frontier

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So I decided to make a poker game loosely based on several kinds of poker, but with my own twist on the game. And of course it requires a special deck, card holders, and oodles and oodles of chips. Although it isn’t available yet… it should be sometime in the next year-artwork pending....

Maze Craze is now Jewel Maze Craze

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We did some playtesting this past week and all agreed… the name had to change. The new name is Jewel Maze Craze. Other than that… the mechanics worked excellently. There is a little balancing with the skills that needs to be worked through but beyond that, this game just needs some final art and a few more playtests....

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