Website Launched!

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Knights Crest has officially launched the website. Future updates will include online trials of the games and online gaming forums....

Interstellar Announced

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A new game by award winning game designer Sean Howard has surfaced in Knights Crest Games arsenal. Interstellar! features the ever popular outerspace setting to a never before seen twist. New mechanics in game turns, an array of different roles and characters. Be a Zeta, Human, Blob, Arachnoid, or Reptilian Humanoid! Fly through the galaxy in search of a relic Continue Reading...

Social! Casino Expansion

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This new release from Knights Crest is all about Casino Games while maintaining the fun of Social! All of the minigames have a Casino twist. This release is set for Late October 2010!...

Pharaoh’s Sacrifice Announced

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Through the mystical ages of the Pharaoh’s comes a new game where players pit ego against ego and time against time. It is every player for themself in this game of dog eat dog. Battle against eachother for favor and disfavor of the Pharaoh. Play cards on other players to get them on the Pharaoh’s most hated list. Play cards Continue Reading...

Social! Officially Released

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Social will be officially released in August of 2010. It can be purchased at Amazon,, Tempest, Battlezone, and at Knight’s Crest website....

Local Social! Playtest

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Prior to its release, Game Designer Sean Howard is to hold a local play test at Tempest Games in Cedar Rapids, IA....
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