Jewel Kingdom

Find your way through the maze to find riches beyond your imagination.

In the land of the Chibi, not all was well.
A fortress of solitude is where they did dwell.
Beyond the strong gates and through the haze,
along the dirt road there was a dense maze.


Obtain the most “Value” through the collecting of treasure by the time the treasure runs out.

9 Cards are laid out in the middle of the table. These cards are treasure. They are all placed face up for all to see. Each card has a value on it. Each player is a assigned a role card. Players take turns seeking the treasure. The rest attempt to thwart the seeker from getting the best treasure.

During turns players choose a card from their hand to play as a tile connecting the kingdom to the treasure. The cards played make up the hedge maze that prevents or allows the seeker to obtain treasure. The more paths from the kingdom to the treasure that the seeker plays, the more treasure they get to keep.

Each player has a special ability allowing them to exercise abilities that other players don’t have. Also, not all treasure has a value. Some treasure is equipment that can be used to cut through hedge walls, rearrange treasure, turn out the lights (hiding the contents of the treasure from other players), teleporting to a different hedge path, etc.

Once all the treasure runs out, who has the most treasure is the winner!

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