King Arthur’s Gambit

A miniature game that pits player against player in the world of Camelot!

King Arthur is back with an all new quest! Four Knights of the Round Table venture out from Camelot to face the Underling hoard that descends upon them while searching for the Four Gems of Sha’ul (TM).

Collect the four gems to get special powers and vanquish all enemies that stand in your way to return Camelot to a once again peaceful kingdom. But beware! If you die in your quest, Morgana Le Fay will raise you from the dead to join her evil hordes and you shall battle against your brothers of the round table that are still alive.

Miniature gaming as you’ve never seen it before, this game has it all: King Arthur, Sir Galahad, Sir Kay, Sir Percival, Merlin, Morgana, The Black Knight, four Underling Horde classes-the archer, the warrior, the dark rider, the rogue, healing potions, lost artifacts, character upgrades, skirmish battles and you!

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