Shogun Showdown

To win you must be the master of both mind and body…

The Shogun were the warlords of ancient Japan. In Shogun Showdown each player is a Shogun battling through the use of their Samurai, temples, and weapons to build their empire. The first to build their empire to include four temples, wins.

Shogun Showdown is a trick taking / dexterity game so you will need to be the master of both mind and body to win.

In Shogun Showdown each player uses their hand to win tricks. After a round of play where all cards are exhausted the player who won the most ‘temple cards’ during the round must put their temple(s) on a table to endure the other Shoguns attack. The other players flick their ‘throwing-star’ cards won during the round at the Shogun’s temple(s). If the Shogun’s temple(s) survive, the Shogun gains another temple card. Once a Shogun earns 4 temples, the Shogun becomes the Emperor of Japan and wins the game.

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