Young wizards race through a magical mansion to save their mentor…

You have been invited to a mysterious Victorian mansion. As you arrive, you discover others, strangers to you, also received invitations. Together, you enter the mansion. As you step through the doorway, a ghostly figure appears before you surrounded in a spectral chromatic aura and begins to speak in echoing dulcet tones. The ghostly figure implores you to save him. In return, he offers you his fame, fortune, and all of his arcane knowledge. As a young wizard, you can’t help but wonder all you could do with that knowledge…

Unlocked is a sequential set collection, acquired powers, and engine building game that requires hand management and strategy to win.


Players all follow the same 4 phases of gameplay: 1) Activate Key (abilities), 2) Draw Runes (Draw cards), 3) Cast Runes (Play cards), & Meditate (Return to hand limit/Upkeep). Although this gameplay doesn’t seem so different than other set collection games, that is where the similarities end. In order to use your runes to obtain a key, the runes must be played sequentially. If the key passphrase is 2,4,5,1 but you play them in order of 1,2,4,5, this does not suffice. Luckily, players are able to work on two separate keys at a time, played in front of themselves. However, other untrustworthy players may just use that as an opportunity to steal a card away from you. With the hand limit set at just 3 cards, players must be quick and clever to build keys.

Of course, once a player is able to construct the key, the reward is often well worth it. For you see, each key acquired, grants you access to a magical room that gives you an acquired ability that can be used for the remainder of the game. Some of these abilities are continues (noted by an infinity symbol; lower right), some are reusable in the 1st phase (noted by a recycle symbol; lower right), and some are one time use keys (if neither continuous or reusable). But how a player uses their abilities is up to them and their planned strategies.

Do you have what it takes? Will you be the first through the mansion? Or will you be out-witted in this quick and clever game of magical abilities and speed?

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