Another contest is taking place over at the Game Crafter. This time the game is for the chance to be included on a medium level publisher’s kickstarter.

For this game, I used some of the components over at the Game Crafter for inspiration. I’ve always loved their collection of mech / robot miniatures. And so without further adieu, The War on Zeta Prime is set on the alien planet of Zeta Prime. The Human race has abandoned Earth after years of war and destruction left the planet unable to support life. Humans now float through the galaxy on their mining ships looking for hospitable planets to land on, mine all of their resources then relaunch into space to find the next planet.

Of course, doing so leaves the planet inhospitable for the aliens who live there. Enter the Zetanoids. They are composed of several races each with a control over different aspects of the planet. The humans lovingly call them magi because of these abilities.

With 5 human colonies mining the surface and only 1 group of zetanoids how will it all pan out?

Find it here: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/the-war-on-zeta-prime



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