Listed below are the games created by Good Knight Games, some in print and some out of print.
UNLOCKED: The Mansion of Mana

In the World of Unlocked young wizards race through a magical mansion…

Featuring beautiful Skeleton Key artwork, the Mansion of Mana tells the story of young would-be apprentices as they discover race through a magical mansion. The Mansion of Mana uses sequential set collection and unlocking abilities to create a dynamic gameplay experience.

1-5 Players. 60 minutes. 

Shogun Showdown

Take on the role of a Shogun battling for supremacy…

After Emperor of Japan died without heir, each player takes on the role of a powerful Shogun battling to reign supreme. To do this, each Shogun has their own secret weapon, which includes powerful Ninja, an Ancient Dragon, Oni, Geisha, and their numerous Samurai.

Shogun Showdown is a trick taking, dexterity game where a hand of cards is played over several rounds, then based upon the cards won, players will fling their cards across the table to topple each other’s Fortress of cards.

2-8 Players. 20 minutes.