Shipping Update!

All games have arrived in AU and US. We are awaiting confirmation of the shipping in EU.

This is great news. We are still awaiting some final shipping supplies and some backers have yet to complete their surveys. However, we are set to begin shipping out the games early next week! If you haven’t gotten your survey completed, please do so soon.



The production on this game turned out great and I think you will agree. The box edge is meant to mimic upright book style edging while providing a gaming flair. I think our artists did a fantastic job. The use of dark contrasts to the flaming orange glow of the phoenix and the blue teleportation glow are definitely eye drawing.

Look at this game. No, really. Take a closer look.

The green color, which had proven to be difficult to nail down in some early print tests turned out absolutely great. The Key of Creation and the green rune really show the work that the production team put in on this print.

The other runes also turned out great. The purple was a lot more hot in this print than in my production prototypes as well (which is a good thing). We had some issues bringing it from a greyish color, but I believe ultimately pulling it a little more towards the fuchsia side of purple was a good choice. The chromatic glow also really showed the strength of this print. The orange fire turned out great. The blue had a bit of a purple haloing artifact around the blue flames but I believe is okay. It is more of a graphic design knit pick. All in all the glowing rune stones are arguably one of the prettiest aspects of this game.

Or, are they?

Y’all blasted through some stretch goals and now we have 36 keys. You use 14 keys to start a game. That’s a whole lot of replay-ability, and hey they turned out great as well! These are Tarot sized cards and will sleeve nicely.

Speaking of stretch goals, do you all recall getting that last minute upgrade to some super nice chipboard player aids? Well, these photos don’t do them justice. You will have to wait and get them out to see how great they look and feel. I couldn’t be happier with these.

And finally, the gems. Still pretty. Still functional. For those folks that happen to be quite perceptive, the colors of the gems align to the shirt colors of the players on the back of the box. So when you are playing blue, purple, green, red, or yellow take a look at your character art! Oh, I should mention: yes, if you are playing red, you are in fact an ape. But the backstory is that you are Jinx, the ape man-servant, of the Magi, with the mental capacity of a human.

Is it all fun and games? Well, there are 2 manufacturing errors that you may notice with your copy but none of them will effect game play. But I figure I would call them out because someone will find them. Us gamers are a perceptive sort. 1) The Plague Key title is missing from the Plague Key. This has no impact on game play. The manufacturer printed the wrong file for that card and the result is the missing title. 2) The manufacturer did not include a bag for the key cards. Since I have already included the Shadow Minions/Ghosts in a bag large enough for the key cards, I believe this isn’t an issue either.

What’s Next?

Shipping begins on Monday. Those of you that have completed your backer survey will begin receiving shipping notifications for US and Canada shipping. Aetherworks will also begin shipping within Australia next week. My distributor in Europe has not confirmed receipt of the shipment yet, however, I will follow up with them next week to assure that things are progressing as expected.

I sincerely hope that you are as excited as I am to get this game out into the wild. Please if you have any questions or just want to relay your Unlocked game stories to me, please reach out to me anytime.



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