All is well that ends well as they say. The last shipment has left Good Knight Games HQ, bound for Australia. As I breathe a sigh of relief, I look forward to the next undertaking-our next game.

I am happy to unveil what will become the next game – Unlocked. As I am sure all of you are either seeing or will be seeing, the side of the Shogun Showdown box has an image of Unlocked and says ‘soon to be on Kickstarter’. Our goal is to get the game ready soon, but it may or may not make that date. It has undergone several large revisions already. The game has so much promise that I want to give this game its due development. And sometimes you have to polish a rock long past your expectations. And that is where Unlocked is. For all it is, it is the best game I have ever made. I am consulting artists now to take this game to the next level.

More to come on Unlocked.




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