This time I’m back with a new challenge – make a game based on an arcade game. My first thought was to recreate the existing game but with board game components. When I was dreaming up the idea and playstesting the game, all it did was make me want to play the real game. BORING. Then I stepped back and said, wait a minute, why don’t I take the original premise and flip it on it’s head? The result is Frak Man.

In the original Arcade game you had a yellow dot that moved in 4 directions to attempt to kill ghosts and eat all of the pellets on the current level. My initial thought was… what if the yellow dot wasn’t the good guy at all? For instance, why does he dislike the ghosts to begin with? What if the ghosts were the good guys? In Frak Man, the year is 3013 and several ghost agents are sent to a derelict alien craft to search the cargo. The believe is that there is a container with some biological weapons that can turn a sane man into a murderous super-human terrorist. They take lots and agent yellow gets the unlucky duty of carrying one of the crates that was adrift in space back to the hanger bay. During his lunar walk, lunar winds pick up the container and bang it into the side of the hanger bay, opening the contents enough for it to leak out onto yellows protective suit. The acid quickly eats through exposing yellow to the toxin. Yellow is dead… or so they think.

Buy it today at the game crafter! https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/frak-man-3013



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