Frak Man 3013

In Space, things can get lost, like your mind.

You are part of an elite team of agents that patrol the known universe for anomalies and pursue where necessary. You know yourselves only as a color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, or Pink. You received a distress signal from headquarters and were told of an alien derelict ship in the quadrant. You arrive to discover that not only were you called but every other agent in the sector as well. Several of the agents are already attending to the situation. As it turns out the derelict ship was carrying a harmful neurotoxin that was specifically designed to bond with the host and drive him/her mad, sending him/her on a rampage. As Ms. Pink and Mr. Blue oversee the operation, Mr. Red tends to the power fluctuations, Mr. Orange runs the alien machinery to move the neurotoxin. During one particularly delicate operation Mr. Yellow must move the shipment from one loading bay to another via space walk. As he is doing so, a solar storm occurs causing the alien shipment to rupture and expose Mr. Yellow to the neurotoxin. After the storm, Mr. Yellow lay lifeless in space. Mr. Bleu and Ms. Pink pull him into the loading bay, leaving the neurotoxin lost in space forever. As they debate how to proceed as Mr. Yellow is dead, they look down to discover he is gone. A horrible scream is heard from a corridor down the hallway. They follow the awful scream down the hallway to discover Mr. Orange decapitated and lifeless. His blood pools around their feet. On the wall is Mr. Orange’s blood to read, “I AM FRAK.” Mr. Red comes rushing in. He claims to see a surge in the alien power system and requires assistance. Mr. Bleu and Ms. Pink follow. Mr. Red leads them to a room where before them stands Mr. Orange. He seems confused and alarmed. He says the last thing he remembers is being stabbed to death by Mr. Yellow. Mr. Red exclaims that it is only theoretical, but the room they are standing in is a cloning chamber. The Alien ship must have locked onto their DNA as they boarded and is now capable of cloning their DNA sequence. However, there is a catch, there is only enough power for 10 clones. After that, the ship will have no more power. To make matters worse, after 6 clones, the ship will begin to deplete them of their power slowing them down.

The objective is simple-defeat FRAK before you run out of clones. Failure to do so and you all die. Luckily the brass have heard about your operation and they are assisting. They will randomly deploy ammunition and weapons into the alien ship. But be warned, many corridors feel more like a maze than a ship.

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